About Me

Uploadl lydiah-95Hi there!

I’m Lydia, the writer of the Clan and the author of this blog (obviously).

Other names I answer to are Noodle, Lid/Lyd, Ladybug, Moonbeam, Oh Most Glorious One and sometimes even “You There!” Feel free to address me as seems most fitting.

A Few Facts About Me:

I’m home schooled and proud. I have a gigantic family. I can bake bread, can 100 quarts of applesauce, run the house, and write a newspaper column by myself  (all at the same time, too), but driving with a map terrifies me and standardized testing bores me to tears. While I’m not totally sure what recess is and if that matters, I can tear down a tent in five minutes, no problem. Heck, I even built this website.

If I had to choose one word to describe myself, it would be WRITER.

Other words that come to mind are “driven” “ambitious” and “opinionated.”

My family could probably supply a few other words: “grumpy” “control-freak” and “generally annoying big sister” to name just a few.

Others things that have been said about me are: “hard-working” “multi-talented” “fast-learner” “inspiring” “risk-taker” and “cheerful.”

Their words, not mine.

What I Do:

As you can imagine, I keep myself busy. Besides helping with canning, gardening, lawn maintenance, and general household jobs that are just part of being in the Clan, I also work two jobs and write a blog (this one!) and weekly newspaper column.

In my free time I can be found drooling over good books, watching old cowboy movies, and fine-tuning my master plan for world domination.